Hopp til innholdet


Welcome to OBOS-banken. To become a customer, we need the following information:

BankID from another bank:

If you do not have BankID from OBOS-banken, but from another bank, you can proceed to register as a customer. Use your BankID from your previous bank. It should take less than two minutes to become a customer.

Norwegian birth number/ d-number and a non-Norwegian passport

You need to be registered with a Norwegian home address in the Norwegian Folkeregister.

In addition, we need a copy of the following:

  • Valid passport.
  • Confirmation of your Norwegian birth number/d-number.
  • Documentation of income (work contract, tax card, student card, NAV).
  • Bank Reference Letter (a confirmation letter, in English, from a bank you have used in Norway or your home country. The letter should contain your name, ID number, address, how long you have had an account, and a description of your relationship with the bank).
  • Valid Norwegian residence permit. This requirement does not apply to EEA citizens.

Please use the contact form to upload your documents.